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INDOVAC offers Regenerative Turbine Blowers / Exhausters and Side channel Blowers a tailor-made solution for desired applications. It works dynamic compression by transforming flow energy into pressure energy. The features are compact and vertical shaft design integral silencer and suction mask, free of wear and tear mainteanance by non-contact operation. The pumping medium is not contaminated.

Plastic Industry / Air Pollution Monitoring equipment / Aeration / Pneumatic conveying / Industrial Vacuum Cleaners / Manaufacturing of Textiles / Measuring medical & laboratory equipments / Printing & Paper Handling / Vacuum Packing / Waste Water Treatement / Reprographics / Biogas Industries.


Capacity : Upto 1000 m3/hr
Vacuum : upto 80 - 500 M. bar single & double stage in suction operation
Pressure : upto 80 - 500 M. bar in pressure mode can be obtained.
Power Reqd : 0.5 - 40 HP

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