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Rocking Piston Vacuum Pumps



Indovac has developed indigenously in conformity with the International standard product known as Rocking Piston Vacuum Pumps. These are available in Single & Double Head models. The Pumps are completely dry running hence absolutely no oil at exhaust. All parts are made in Aluminium LM6 grade and Pistons are Teflon or PTFE / Silicon any grade can be made as per requirements.

The Pumps are completely dry running Pollution Control / Leak Test equipment / Dental Equipment / Pharma Industries / Vacuum Impegration & etc.

Capacity : 25 to 75 LPM
vacuum : 680 MM Hg
Pressure : upto 60 PSI
Power : 0.25 HP

Rocking Piston Vacuum Pumps
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