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Dry Type Vacuum Pumps
Dry Type Vacuum Pumps

INDOVAC offers Dry type vacuum pump with modified features in it through integrated vacuum technology for the benefit of users. This version of product is in addition to the existing range of products like Rotary Vane, Oil Sealed, Diaphragm, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Turbine/Side Channel BLower, Roots Blower/Booster, Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum System, Evisceration System and its allied products.
Rapid advancement in the Vacuum technology world over prompted to innovate and produce new version of product to meet the needs of OEM customers.


Pharmaceuticals / Printing / Pollution Control / Laboratory / Sealing / Filling & other vacuum application.


Free air displacement : 50 - 2000 LPM [3-120m3/hr]
Ultimate Vacuum : 24" Hg [600 MM Hg]
Pressure : 6 - 10 PSI
Power Reqd. : 0.25 - 7.5 HP
Type : Direct Driven / Belt Driven

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